Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Past Certified Buildings

Buildings require significant amounts of electricity for heating, cooling, lighting, and other building functions. This energy consumption, however, can be reduced through a variety of economically achievable actions.

Building organizations and owners that participate in the Cleaner and Greener® Program for Single Buildings use energy efficiency actions to reduce their emissions that contribute to climate change, smog, and acid rain. Buildings that participate in the Cleaner and Greener® Program have documented and reported their emission reduction benefits resulting from these building efficiency actions.

The Cleaner and Greener Certification requires annual renewal and updating of data. The buildings listed below have been certified in past years.

If your building in on this list and you would like to renew you status please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Building  City State Certification
345 Hudson Street New York
 NY 2/20/2012 Gold
Nature Conservancy Worldwide Office Arlington VA 2/20/2012 Gold
National Geographic Society Headquarters
 Washington D.C.
 D.C. 1/24/2012 Silver
Chevy Chase Pavilion
 Washington D.C.
 D.C. 1/19/2012 Silver
Two Allen - 1200 Smith St  Houston TX 1/10/2012 Reporting
 360 3rd Avenue
 New York
 NY 12/22/2011 Reporting
 555 5th Avenue  New York NY 12/22/2011 Reporting
 2000 Corporate Ridge McLean VA 12/15/2011 Reporting
 U.S. Mint Building Washington D.C.
 D.C. 12/8/2011 Reporting
 KBR Tower
 Houston TX 12/5/2011 Reporting
 Hartford Office Building  Arlington VA 12/1/2011 Reporting
 Tree Allen Center
 Houston TX 12/1/2011 Reporting
 Total Plaza Houston TX 12/1/2011 Reporting
 San Clemente Villages  Santa Barbabra
 CA 11/7/2011 Reporting
 Newland Building  Bethesda  MD  9/16/2011 Reporting
 1225 North Loop  Houston  TX 9/2/2011 Reporting 
Williams Tower   Houston  TX 8/19/2011 Reporting 
Time & Life Building  New York NY 8/16/2011 Reporting 
 Park Tower New York NY 8/3/2011 Reporting
 515 N. State Street Chicago NY 8/1/2011 Reporting
 La Crosse State Office Building LaCrosse WI 7/26/2011 Reporting
 Market Square North Washington D.C.  D.C. 7/26/2011 Reporting
 Metro Park V  Alexandria VA 7/28/2011 Reporting
The Chevy Chase Metro Building Chevy Chase MD 7/12/2011 Reporting
GEF2 Facility Madison WI 7/12/2011 Reporting
Brandix Casualwear Building Seeduwa Sri Lanka 6/28/2011 Reporting
360 Hamilton Avenue White Plains NY 6/2/2011 Reporting
Columbia Center Washington D.C .D.C. 5/26/2011 Reporting
2811 Agriculture Drive Madison WI 5/22/2011 Reporting
Bridgewater Corporate  CenterFairfax VA 4/18/2011 Reporting
2101 Webster Oakland CA 2/25/2011 Reporting
Main US Treasury Building Washington D.C. D.C. 2/25/2011 Reporting
One Park Place Syracuse NY 2/25/2011 Reporting
Allen Center - 1400 Smith St Houston TX 2/8/2011 Reporting
Continental Center Houston  TX 2/8/2011 Reporting
1250 24th Street NW Washington D.C. D.C. 2/8/2011 Reporting
 World Bank I Building  Washington D.C.  D.C.   1/26/2011  Reporting
 World Bank J Building   Washington D.C.  D.C.   1/26/2011  Reporting
 830 First Street NE  Washington D.C.  D.C.  1/25/2011  Reporting
 Chevy Chase Pavilion  Washington D.C.  D.C.  1/21/2011  Reporting
 125 Broad Street  New York  NY  1/19/2011  Reporting
 American Jewish Committee Headquarters New York NY  1/6/2011  Reporting
 3190 Fairview Park  Washington D.C.  D.C.  12/9/2010  Reporting
 Jones Lang LaSalle  Chicago  IL  11/18/2010  Reporting
 1120 Avenue of the Americas  New York  NY  10/27/2010  Reporting
EmeryStation I  Emeryville  CA  10/27/2010  Reporting
Berstein-Office Building  Washington D.C.  D.C.  10/26/2010  Reporting
1333 Broadway  Oakland  CA  10/25/2010 Silver
Chevy Chase Center Chevy Chase   MD  9/23/2010 Silver
Wells Fargo Plaza Houston  TX  7/21/2010  Bronze
Monona Terrace Madison  WI  7/13/2010  Reporting
Coca-Cola Building  Mexico City  Mexico  6/16/2010  Bronze
50 South Tenth Street  Minneapolis  MN  6/30/2010  Bronze
Canterra Tower's  Ottawa   ON, Canada 6/23/2010   Reporting
Hyatt Center   Chicago   IL 6/26/2010  Bronze
Columbia Center  Washington D.C.  D.C. 5/26/2010   Bronze
1350 I Street  Washington D.C.  D.C.  5/4/2010  Reporting
Chase Tower Dallas  TX  5/4/2010  Bronze
Columbia Center Washington DC 5/26/2010 Bronze
1350 I Street Washington DC 5/4/2010 Participant
Chase Tower Dallas TX 5/4/2010 Bronze
Fulbright Tower Houston TX 5/4/2010 Bronze
1121 14th Street Washington DC 4/22/2010 Participant
230 Park Avenue New York NY 4/8/2010 Bronze
Nalco Corporate Headquarters Naperville IL 3/24/2010 Bronze
10100 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles CA 3/23/2010 Platinum
Atlantic Center Plaza Atlanta GA 3/23/2010 Bronze
Silicon Valley Center Building C San Jose CA 3/17/2010 Bronze
Silicon Valley Center Building B San Jose CA 3/17/2010 Silver
Silicon Valley Center Building A San Jose CA 3/17/2010 Silver
Campau Square Grand Rapids MI 3/16/2010 Bronze
Silicon Valley Center Building E San Jose CA 3/16/2010 Silver
Silicon Valley Center Building D San Jose CA 3/16/2010 Participant
Barona Hotel Lakeside CA 3/1/2010 Participant
Rachel Carson State Office Building Harrisburg PA 2/25/2010 Silver
Two Renaissance Square Phoenix AZ 1/29/2010 Bronze
One Renaissance Square Phoenix AZ 1/29/2010 Bronze
Berwyn Campus Building 1050 Berwyn PA 1/7/2010 Bronze
Berwyn Campus Building 1060 Berwyn PA 1/7/2010 Silver
Phoenixville Service Center Phoenixville PA 1/7/2010 Silver
Warminster Service Center Warminster PA 1/7/2010 Bronze
BNY Mellon Everett Everett MA 1/7/2010 Gold
Berwyn Campus Building 1040 Berwyn PA 1/6/2010 Bronze
Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Plaza 3 The Woodlands TX 1/5/2010 Participant
International Financial Corporation Washington DC 12/21/2009 Silver
Nichols Paper & Supply Spring Lake MI 12/18/2009 Bronze
Pennsylvania Governor's Residence Harrisburg PA 12/15/2009 Gold
Virginia Beach Convention Center Virginia Beach VA 12/11/2009 Participant
825 Union Square Washington DC 12/8/2009 Bronze
941 Union Square Washington DC 12/8/2009 Bronze
JohnsonDiversey East Campus Mount Pleasant WI 11/30/2009 Participant
JohnsonDiversey Headquarters Sturtevant WI 11/30/2009 Bronze
Joe Serna, Jr. Sacramento CA 11/16/2009 Gold
Kelly Creek Elementary School Gresham OR 10/5/2009 Silver
24th at Camelback Phoenix AZ 9/29/2009 Bronze
Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Headquarters New Brunswick NJ 9/23/2009 Silver
Greenspoint 1 Houston TX 9/18/2009 Bronze
Sam Nunn Federal Center Atlanta GA 9/16/2009 Silver
JP Morgan Chase Tower Houston TX 9/11/2009 Bronze
191 North Wacker Chicago IL 9/10/2009 Silver
Greenspoint 5 Houston TX 9/3/2009 Silver
Greenspoint 6 Houston TX 9/3/2009 Bronze
National Geographic Society Washington DC 9/1/2009 Silver
Royal Bank Plaza Toronto ON 8/28/2009 Silver
One Shell Plaza Houston TX 8/21/2009 Silver
Galleria North Tower Dallas TX 8/10/2009 Bronze
Greenspoint 2 Houston TX 8/10/2009 Bronze
Greenspoint 3 Houston TX 8/10/2009 Bronze
Greenspoint 4 Houston TX 8/10/2009 Bronze
City Hall Complex Milwaukee WI 7/30/2009 Silver
199 Fremont San Francisco CA 7/28/2009 Bronze
Two Shell Plaza Houston TX 7/28/2009 Silver
Bank of America Center Houston TX 7/13/2009 Bronze
Williams Tower Houston TX 7/6/2009 Bronze
1100 Louisiana Houston TX 7/1/2009 Bronze
Verizon Wireless Headquarters Basking Ridge NJ 6/26/2009 Bronze
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Wall NJ 6/18/2009 Bronze
225 West Wacker Chicago IL 6/16/2009 Silver
2040 Main Street Irvine CA 6/5/2009 Silver
Metlife 1301 Dove Newport Beach CA 6/3/2009 Silver
1125 17th Street Milwaukee WI 5/29/2009 Bronze
1999 Broadway Denver CO 5/29/2009 Bronze
One & Two Greenwood Plaza Englewood CO 5/29/2009 Participant
Denver Financial Center Denver CO 5/27/2009 Bronze
Wisconsin DOA Madison WI 5/22/2009 Bronze
Menlo Park Building Ten Menlo Park CA 4/28/2009 Bronze
Trane St. Paul St. Paul MN 4/28/2009 Participant
919 Milam Houston TX 4/22/2009 Bronze
JohnsonDiversey Big Box Sturtevant WI 4/15/2009 Silver
CitiMortgage Progress Point O'Fallon MO 4/3/2009 Participant
Douglas Entrance Coral Gables FL 4/2/2009 Bronze
17901 Von Karman Associates Irvine CA 3/25/2009 Silver
Murray Hill Properties New York NY 3/23/2009 Bronze
One Overton Park Atlanta GA 3/19/2009 Silver
Plaza 360 Oakland CA 3/10/2009 Silver
550 West Washington Chicago IL 3/6/2009 Silver
McGraw-Hill New York NY 3/4/2009 Bronze
455 Market Street San Francisco CA 3/2/2009 Silver
Western Michigan University College of Health and Human Services Kalamazoo MI 3/2/2009 Bronze
999 Peachtree Atlanta GA 2/26/2009 Bronze
Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Santa Barbara CA 1/28/2009 Silver
Allen Stevenson School New York NY 1/27/2009 Platinum
U.S. Bancorp Tower Portland OR 1/9/2009 Silver
Cameron Management Houston TX 1/7/2009 Bronze
Hawthorne Plaza San Francisco CA 12/4/2008 Silver
The Solaire New York NY 12/1/2008 Participant
Standard Plaza Portland OR 11/25/2008 Silver
Ecolab Building F&G Eagan MN 11/12/2008 Bronze
First City Tower Houston TX 10/22/2008 Bronze
400 N. Brand Glendale CA 10/16/2008 Silver
450 N. Brand Glendale CA 10/16/2008 Silver
Summit 1  Reston VA 10/15/2008 Bronze
Summit 2 Reston VA 10/15/2008 Bronze
Kohler Co. Kohler WI 10/1/2008 Bronze
Capital Gateway 1 Bethesda MD 9/22/2008 Silver
Capital Gateway 2 Bethesda MD 9/22/2008 Silver
Lincoln Center 2 West Allis WI 9/22/2008 Bronze
Lincoln Center 3 West Allis WI 9/22/2008 Bronze
Long Lake Crossing Troy MI 9/22/2008 Silver
One Washingtonian Center Gaithersburg MD 9/22/2008 Silver
AT&T Center Los Angeles CA 9/17/2008 Silver
Wrigley GIC Chicago IL 9/17/2008 Bronze
1800 West Loop South Houston TX 9/8/2008 Bronze
MacArthur Plaza Irving TX 9/8/2008 Bronze
Crescent Ridge Corporate Center Minnetonka MN 8/25/2008 Silver
National Geographic Society Washington DC 8/25/2008 Silver
Colorado Governor's Mansion Denver CO 8/18/2008 Participant
Hotel Carlton San Francisco CA 8/15/2008 Bronze
Post Montgomery Center San Francisco CA 8/15/2008 Silver
Northam Realty Advisors Limited Toronto ON 8/1/2008 Silver
Park Place Seattle WA 7/17/2008 Bronze
New York State Executive Mansion Albany NY 7/16/2008 Bronze
McDonalds Corporation Oak Brook IL 7/1/2008 Silver
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. Denver CO 6/26/2008 Silver
100 Pine Street San Francisco CA 6/12/2008 Silver
Brandix Casualwear Ltd. Seeduwa Sri Lanka 5/1/2008 Silver
RSGF Vance Building LLC Seattle WA 4/11/2008 Platinum
Vision Service Plan Rancho Cordova CA 4/4/2008 Gold
Adobe - 601 Townsend San Francisco CA 3/24/2008 Gold
One Independence Point Greenville SC 3/19/2008 Platinum
American Honda Motor Company Gresham OR 2/27/2008 Platinum
Whatcom County Courthouse Bellingham WA 12/19/2007 Platinum
One NSTAR Way Westwood MA 12/14/2007 Bronze
USAA South East Regional Office Tampa FL 12/13/2007 Silver
Luck K-12 School Luck WI 12/11/2007 Silver
New York Power Authority White Plains NY 12/5/2007 Platinum
Wells Fargo Plaza Houston TX 12/1/2007 Bronze
Sam Nunn Federal Center Atlanta GA 10/17/2007 Silver
John Flynn Elementary School Eau Claire WI 10/8/2007 Silver
One Beacon Street Boston MA 9/19/2007 Bronze
UCSB Recreational Center Santa Barbara CA 8/13/2007  Reporting
EcoDorm Swannanoa NC 7/26/2007 Bronze
Ecology & Environment Lancaster NY 7/26/2007 Silver
Clinton Library Little Rock AR 7/19/2007 Platinum
CA Department of Health Services Sacramento CA 5/18/2007  Reporting
Sebesta Blomberg Roseville MN 5/11/2007 Bronze
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Sacramento CA 4/24/2007 Silver
Monona Terrace Madison WI 4/12/2007  Reporting
ABN AMRO Plaza Chicago IL 11/1/2006 Bronze
One North End Avenue New York NY 10/30/2006 Platinum
Cascade Engineering Grand Rapids MI 9/25/2006 Platinum
Armstrong World Industries Corporate Headquarters Building 701 Lancaster PA 9/21/2006 Platinum
Capitol Complex - Human Services Building Denver CO 9/19/2006  Reporting
Capitol Complex - Judicial Heritage Building Denver CO 9/19/2006  Reporting
Capitol Complex - State Services Building Denver CO 9/19/2006  Reporting
Adobe Almaden Tower San Jose CA 7/17/2006 Gold
Adobe East Tower San Jose CA 6/14/2006 Platinum
Adobe West Tower San Jose CA 6/14/2006  Reporting
Starbucks Center Seattle WA 5/30/2006 Silver
Capitol Area East End Complex Sacramento CA 5/25/2006  Reporting
200 Market Portland OR 6/28/2005  Reporting
AJ Martini Winchester MA 6/27/2005  Reporting
Karges Faulconbridge St. Paul MN 6/27/2005  Reporting
Joe Serna, Jr. Sacramento CA 5/14/2003  Reporting