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Exhibitor Sustainability Scorecard

Exhibit hall sustainability is an important component of overall event sustainability. The negative impacts of exhibiting may result from many aspects of exhibiting, including the emissions resulting from travel and shipping, and the waste created by exhibit components that are not reused or recycled. Exhibit hall sustainability is not under the direct control of event hosts, but event hosts can encourage an increase in sustainability.  

  • Guide exhibitors down the sustainability path
  • Track levels of achievementClick to download PDF
  • Provides a more sustainable exhibit hall
  • Addresses an important area of event sustainability that is not under the direct control of the conference organizers
  • Increases awareness of sustainable exhibiting issues
How the Program Works:
  • Leonardo Academy provides: 
    • The Exhibitor Sustainability Scorecard to event organizers to send out to the exhibitors
    • A compilation of the results
    • An analysis of the level of achievement to the conference organizers
    • An onsite presence to review the top scoring exhibits and to meet with exhibitors to discuss exhibit sustainability
    • Recommendations to conference organizers for achieving ongoing improvements of exhibit hall sustainability


For more information please contact the Cleaner and Greener Program Manager: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2013 Top Sustainable Exhibitors

First Place Winner:

Facility Engineering Associates

Ambius - Top 5
Excel Dryer, Inc. - Top 5
Intex Solutions
McMurray Stern - Top 5
PRIDE Industries - Top 5
SSA landscape architects
Smart Rain Systems

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