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Defining Forest Sequestration Impacts: Tonne to Tonne-Year Correlations Implicit in Existing Forestry Offset Standards

This is the December 8, 2009, Leonardo Academy white paper analyzing the carbon sequestration impacts implied in standards that address existing forests.

This white paper is being prepared and issued with several goals in mind:

  • To bring to light the assumptions about tonnes of carbon sequestered in forests over time that is implied in emissions protocols.
  • To discuss the use of tonne-years as a metric for measuring the true effect of carbon sequestered in forests.
  • To analyze several carbon offset standards to determine the length of time a tonne of carbon is required to be sequestered in order to earn offset credit.
  • To ascertain the value of tonne-years in the current carbon offset market.

Please contact Leonardo Academy if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this white paper.

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