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Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® Single Building Certification Program

Earn certification independently or in conjunction with earning LEED-EB emissions reduction reporting credit (v2 EAc5.4 or EB O&M EAc6).

Benefits of Certification

  • Recognition of achievements in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and emissions that affect health that result from building energy use
  • Communication of environmental commitment
  • Recognition on Cleaner & Greener® website
  • Cleaner & Greener® Certified Building certificate
  • Cleaner & Greener® seal to use on marketing and other materials

Cleaner & Greener® Single Building Certification Program

Participation Level


Platinum  Certification

100%  of GHG and health-related emissions offset (Each type of pollution causes its own particular set of environmental and health problems)

Gold  Certification

At least 100%  of GHG emissions offset

Silver Level

At least 50%  of GHG emissions offset

Bronze  Certification

At least 25%  of GHG emissions offset

Green Certification

1-24%  of GHG emissions offset

Non-Certification Reporting Level

• Energy use and emissions reported;
• LEED-EB EAc6 credit earned

• No emissions offset;
• No certification earned


Certification Cost
  • Buildings achieving the Non-certification Reporting Level to earn LEED-EB O&M EAc6 or LEED-EB v2 EAc5.4
    • The fee for Leonardo Academy building emissions reduction verification services includes certification of the building for the same 12 month period if desired
    • The costs of RECs and carbon offsets to offset emissions for this period are an additional cost.
Certification Duration is 12 Months
  • Cleaner and Greener® Single Building Certification is conferred for the 12 months for which data is reported.

For more details please read the Cleaner & Greener Certification Document or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 608-280-0255.

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