Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Overview of Building Certification

Building Emissions Reduction Certification Program

Cleaner & Greener® offers certification of buildings based on the percent of building energy use emissions that are offset. Copies of utility bills and documentation of REC and carbon offset purchases are required for certification.

Buildings achieving the Non-Certification Reporting Level to earn LEED-EB O&M EAc6 or LEED-EB v2 EAc5.4 may take a few additional steps to achieve certification under the same agreement.
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LEED-EB Emissions Reduction Reporting Credit Program 

Earn LEED-EB v2 cEA5.4 or LEED-EB O&M EAc6

The Cleaner & Greener® Program offers the verification of building emissions reductions and offsets needed to earn LEED-EB EA c5.4 or LEED-EB O&M EAc6.  Earning the credit is very straight forward. Submit to Cleaner & Greener® a signed agreement, a copy of the EPA Portfolio Manage Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) and documentation of any REC and carbon offset purchases.
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Green Leasing Challenge for Buildings

The Leonardo Academy Cleaner and Greener® Green Leasing Challenge puts the economic power of the $4.85 billion building leasing expenditures to work on greening the building stock. Sign up today!

This is a recognition program for the use of green leasing for all players: Tenants, Brokers, Building Management Companies and Building Owners.
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For more information or to request application documents, contact the Cleaner and Greener® Program: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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